Clouser Deep Minnow


Clouser Deep Minnow an artificial fly widely popular for fresh and salt water game fish.

I remember hearing once that when Lefty Kreh was ask if he could only choose two flies to fish what would they be? His reported reply was, “A Clouser Minnow and another Clouser Minnow.” This was no doubt a nod to his friend Bob Clouser who originated the pattern, and high praise indeed from the originator of another great fly the Lefty’s Deceiver.
Initially used for smallmouth bass the popular Clouser pattern is now widely used for many species of fresh and saltwater game fish. Lefty Kreh claims to have caught over 87 species of fish on the Clouser Minnow.
The extremely versatile Clouser Minnow is tied in a wide variety of color and material combinations. These size #4 chartreuse, orange and red bucktail wing Clouser are intended for Pacific Northwest estuary salmon.


Chartreuse is probably the top color for Pacific Northwest salmon.


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