Pick Yer Pocket


Pick Yer Pocket on a Waddington Shank.

Cool video demo on adding the stinger hook. I like to tie on traditional Waddington shanks, but the Senyo Articulated Shank will do in a pinch. I have not thought of coating fly line backing with super glue. Stiffens the connection, but I wonder does it weaken it at the same time?


Hoh Bo Speys


Black Hoh Bo Spey steelhead pattern with a green body.


Black Hoh Bo Spey with a striking, blue body.

The Umpqua and Umpqua Special


The Umpqua steelhead fly pattern. The old Rogue River fly is similar in coloration. Add jungle cock eyes and you can add Special to either name.

"The Rogue River Special"

The Rogue River Special just as the Juicy Bug was often tied on a small double hook. A jungle cock eye was usually added to both sides of the wing. Cast directly downstream, they were hung in the current and twitched.

Umpqua Special

Umpqua Special. Without the jungle cock, simply called The Umpqua.