Hoh Bo Speys


Black Hoh Bo Spey steelhead pattern with a green body.


Black Hoh Bo Spey with a striking, blue body.


4 thoughts on “Hoh Bo Speys

  1. Thank you for the compliment. I think you are asking about the long, thin feathers? That is Amherst pheasant center tail. I’m using the natural tail. You can also find it dyed in many colors.

    • And selling them. Most of the flies I post are going to happy homes. There is guinea in the Hoh Bo Spey. A single feather is palmered over the body. The green-hued Hoh Bo Spey has a dyed green quinea fowl feather. The blue body fly has a plain guinea fowl feather palmered through it. The short guinea feather does not stand out far from the body. It does add some bulk to the silhouette of the fly and gives the marabou something to flow over and around, keeping the marabou from collapsing completely around the hook shank.

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