Late September Rogue River Steelhead

The steelhead bite has been super slow the later part of this month. Teri and I found a couple to play Saturday afternoon on two low-water floats. One came unglued, but the second steelhead came to net during the warm moments of the late evening sunset. The fly was a small Pheasant & Hare.


Flies on the Rogue River – Steelhead Caddis


Bill McMillan’s Steelhead Caddis is a great fly pattern this time of year on the Rogue River of Oregon

Lower water, warm afternoons…if you want to hook a steelhead near the surface, this is a great fly to go to on the Rogue River this time of year. Tied on a size 6 Partridge Wilson hook.

Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider

Here is a steelhead pattern that I have had good results with lately. That was until an angry fish took the one and only in my fly box. So I have come up with two new entries for the fly box. I like the standard salmon/steelhead hook version, but I also thought an articulated pattern would be nice. So the Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider Spey fly was wrapped around a Waddington Shank.


Standard hook Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider.s



Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider Spey. Already one fish to it’s credit!

Loving That Lower Water Flow

Took a while to find a upper Rogue River summer steelhead, but that I did. In the waning hours of the afternoon the pull came to a single Prince Nymph. Though I had fished several other promising runs earlier, this was the only water that gave up a fish. Surprising that what with the good, number of Fall Chinook salmon that were showing in this same water during the late light of the sunset.

Rogue River Water Flows 9/11/16

Rogue River water flows are dropping. Get ready for some real good summer steelhead fishing. Daytime temperature highs have dropped and the days remain sunny.


River flow from Dodge Bridge down through Medford. 1620 CFS.


Copper Herniators with root beer colored bodies. A great lower Rogue and Klamath River fly pattern.


Lower Rogue River water flow near Agness, Oregon.