Chrome Bright Steelhead Along the Rogue River

September 6th and the weather is making a major change. From the heat of summer to the cool of fall in just a few days. A little overcast graced the early morning hour on the Rogue River. The river flow had dropped a little, no doubt on account the cooling weather had prompted the Army Corps of Engineers to do so. This second fish came only a few minutes after I lost the first on the Spey rod. The knot came unraveled to my Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider after the first jump. Putting the Spey rod aside, I picked up my ready-to-go switch rod. Loaded with a Midnight Fire Carpetbagger and a Bead Head G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph it wasn’t long before I dredged up this chrome. No I didn’t find the Silver Hilton in its maw. Darn! Check out the second steelhead that jumps all on it’s own during the fight with this beauty. The jump comes at about the 58 second mark. Maybe that fish has the Silver Hilton?


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