Special Edition – Halloween Spey -Rogue River Steelhead Fly


The Halloween Spey steelhead fly pattern. Just the ticket for late Fall steelhead on the Rogue River, Oregon.

Tough Bite after the Flooding

The weekend rain put the Rogue River at a high flow for October. We waited a few days for the water level to drop. By Thursday the water was at an acceptable level and color for fly fishing. The bite was slow with even the trout reluctant to hit flies. The kind of day where any hookup is priceless and a reward.

October Colors Along The Rogue River

The Drifter 2

On the river. Blue bird skies and super, clear, low water. Lunker time!


Bright colored pheasant walk the shores of the Rogue River during October. Fly fishing and hunting, this is what is known as “cast and blast”



The bright male steelhead called “bucks” are arriving now They are larger than the female fish and more vividly colored.


Aggressive and hooked jawed, the buck steelhead take the large Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph well. In this instance, it was the Midnight Fire Carpetbagger Nymph.

Early October Rogue River Steelhead


This fresh, Fall, upriver bright hit a orange bead head Brownbagger Stonefly Nymph.


The orange egghead Brownbagger is the pattern to use now on the upper Rogue River.

There’s something about the spawning Chinook salmon and the effectiveness of hot orange egg patterns for Rogue River steelhead during October. Why not fish two flies in one pattern? The Brownbagger carries the look of the ever abundant river bottom stonefly nymphs.  That hot orange bead head is definitely an attraction as both color stimulant and salmon egg imitation. The Brownbagger is two flies in one…a stonefly nymph and an egg pattern.