August Cutthroat and Rogue River Summer Steelhead

More January reflecting. Thinking back on August when the Rogue River ran high but without the stain and cold of January runoff. Sure the river will continue it’s winter antics but the conditions overall are improving as we near February.

Here’s a lucky day during late August 2016 when a Hobo Spey and Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph were the successful flies to use.


6 thoughts on “August Cutthroat and Rogue River Summer Steelhead

  1. What areas of the river would you recommend for some fly fishing in the summer for steelhead, on a multi-day camping trip? I am looking to go this summer and might also have a whitewater boat available

      • That sounds like a good area place to camp and fish. I might be looking to do some hike in camping but that’s pretty much the lower and mid sections. How is the river for fly fishing in those sections?

  2. Ok in those sections, but I think for fly fishing the upper section is best. Mixed bag of early summer steelhead, cutthroat trout and trout. And much better water for fly fishing. In the middle section perhaps Valley of the Rogue State Park?

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