February First Steelhead on the Prince Nymph

After a hard January, finally some fishable conditions on the Rogue River as February arrives. This may be a little window of opportunity and today was a good day to take advantage of it. Summer or fall steelhead, I don’t know, but this little hen was a fun, spunky catch. Still awaiting that first true winter steelhead on the upper Rogue River of Oregon.


7 thoughts on “February First Steelhead on the Prince Nymph

  1. To that fine fellow I encountered on the hike in, sorry I didn’t have much time to talk and visit. Next time we meet we will chat. I was most apprehensive of crossing and had to move along to see if I could. 🙂

  2. Thanks Timmy. The fly was that stoutly tied Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymph. I had just changed a G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph for it. Confidence fly! 🙂

    • Would love to fish the Pistol or Hunter. I’ve only been to the Winchuck River. That was fun. Glad that we have the Applegate River open nearby for small stream fishing. I know a few access points, but most of it is private.

      • If you fish Hunter Creek, try the Guardrail Hole. It is right across the street from where my father lived. I caught many 10-12 pound Steelhead there.

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