Morels 2018

The first morels of 2018 are found on March 21st. I believe that is the first day of Spring? How appropriate! And they are found in a usual spot. Let’s just say I was not surprised!  If I could have found a steelhead in addition!!!

A photo of the first found morel of 2018. Just as I spotted him. All by itself. The first in the Rogue Valley of 2018. March 21st.

Another morel found along the trail under the Oregon Ash tree.

The cattle and deer use this trail. The cattle disturb the earth with their large hoofs. The morels are first to appear along this trail.

March 31, 2018

Fatty Morel

Hidden Morel

Fatties under the Oregon ash tree ring.

April 9, 2018

More fatties under the Oregon ash tree and fairy ring field morels.

April 18, 2018

Nine whole days have past since I last visited the morel and Oregon ash tree fields. The weather had remained very much the same with mild temperature days and cool nights. Occasional rain and showers had also blessed some of the days. A little surprised, but not too surprised that a lot of morels had come up in the usual location and a couple of new spots.  The best collection of the season!

April 18 Morels
The April 18th collection of valley floor morels. Only a few had burnt section. All the rest were fresh!

April 24, 2018

April Morels and Asparagus

This should be the last of the valley floor morels. Fresh asparagus shoots are coming on fast. Would benefit from a little rain. Morel hunting trips move up into the mountains.

First Mountain Morel Foray April 28, 2018

We drove up above 3000 feet elevation to check on a favorite old logging road. We were not disappointed. We found a good  number of fresh black morels.  Enough for soup!

May 1, 2018 Down on the valley floor.

All that rain and cold weather has keep the valley floor blonde morels going. Found some choice fatties today along with a lot of wild asparagus. Wild edibles! Yea!!

May 1, 2018

Nice big fat morels are coming up now. Just might be the last of them for this year. Wild asparagus are sending up a lot of shoots

5/06/2018 High Cascades again (over 3000 ft.) Black morels and trout

5/09/2018 Last of the Rogue Valley floor blonde morels

Ripe Blonde Island Morels

5-9-18 Last couple of valley floor morels and asparagus found while fishing for Chinook salmon.

5/13/2018 Short foray for morels in the Cascades

5/18/2018 Dead Indian Plateau