Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs Accounting for Some Nice Smallmouth Bass on the Umpqua River

Umpqua Smallmouth Bass

Mike Springer (fishing guide)’s client caught a very nice smallmouth bass flyfishing the Carpetbagger Nymph.


9 Out Of 10 Rogue River Steelhead Prefer…A Carpetbagger Nymph (instead of turkey) For Thanksgiving

Even with all the fancy fly choices you can fling out there, cold water Rogue River steelhead like Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs best. Maybe it is the wiggly legs? Maybe it is the cool New Age Chenille body colors? Maybe it’s the weighted bead head? Maybe all that real matters is that they work best in the waning months of the year! Try the Midnight Fire, Midnight Rainbow or Copper/Gold/Black  chenille body colors. Try the bead head “Magic Flies” this November and December and don’t go home a big gobbler!.

Native Rogue River steelhead released to fight again.

Native Rogue River steelhead released to fight again.

Chrome Bright Steelhead Along the Rogue River

September 6th and the weather is making a major change. From the heat of summer to the cool of fall in just a few days. A little overcast graced the early morning hour on the Rogue River. The river flow had dropped a little, no doubt on account the cooling weather had prompted the Army Corps of Engineers to do so. This second fish came only a few minutes after I lost the first on the Spey rod. The knot came unraveled to my Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider after the first jump. Putting the Spey rod aside, I picked up my ready-to-go switch rod. Loaded with a Midnight Fire Carpetbagger and a Bead Head G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph it wasn’t long before I dredged up this chrome. No I didn’t find the Silver Hilton in its maw. Darn! Check out the second steelhead that jumps all on it’s own during the fight with this beauty. The jump comes at about the 58 second mark. Maybe that fish has the Silver Hilton?

Cool Late August Mornings

Early mornings on the river sometimes are good. This morning was one of them. Didn’t take long swinging my Hobo Spey to hook up with a feisty Rogue River cutthroat trout. Very satisfying as I was using the 13′ Spey rod. Changing to a 11′ switch rod and Carpetbagger Nymph and Prince Nymph tadem, I soon got the stop and played out a nice Rogue River summer steelhead. The color of the Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph was the Midnight Fire chenille. The original “Magic Fly!”

The Brownbagger – Rogue River Steelhead Fly


Soon the Spring Chinook salmon will be spawning on the Rogue River, Oregon. The Brownbagger with it’s hot orange bead will tempt many a hungry steelhead.

August Rogue Weather


Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs stacking up and readily available.


This spate of extremely hot weather is bothersome and yet welcomed. I makes time to catch up with some fly tying. My bins are now full!