Gold Brooch Fly Pins – Santa’s Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper is fashioned from a  Christmas theme Atlantic salmon fly pattern I came up with several years past. Though it’s never caught a salmon that I know of  I’m certainly sure it could. The gold brooch fly pin copy certainly will not hook a salmon. It surely will fetch some glances and admiring comments when displayed on hat or coat.

Santa's Little Helper displays warm Christmas colors.

Santa’s Little Helper displays warm Christmas colors.

I just hope it fetches some Christmas Cheer. Merry Christmas to all!

Just Turkey – Wild Turkey Silver Label


This classic-style wet fly is made with almost all wild turkey feathers. The tail, the wing and the hackle all come from the Rio Grande species of turkey found in southern Oregon. A tinsel body and jungle cock eyes complete the fly.

9 Out Of 10 Rogue River Steelhead Prefer…A Carpetbagger Nymph (instead of turkey) For Thanksgiving

Even with all the fancy fly choices you can fling out there, cold water Rogue River steelhead like Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs best. Maybe it is the wiggly legs? Maybe it is the cool New Age Chenille body colors? Maybe it’s the weighted bead head? Maybe all that real matters is that they work best in the waning months of the year! Try the Midnight Fire, Midnight Rainbow or Copper/Gold/Black  chenille body colors. Try the bead head “Magic Flies” this November and December and don’t go home a big gobbler!.

Native Rogue River steelhead released to fight again.

Native Rogue River steelhead released to fight again.

Rogue River Search and Find


I should add a few words about this fish. I put a lot of effort into finding one. I began early morning swing a GB Silver Hilton Spider. With no takers during that quiet and calm time, I switch attachments to a Carpetbagger and Prince Nymph. I then ventured to a couple other locations. Eventually I ended up back at the first spot. I switched a GR Hare’s Ear for the Prince Nymph. The silence of the morning had progressed to the light and glare of the afternoon. I fished deeper into a run than I like to go. Better to risk the difficulties of a steep slip of  bank than go home without the rewards of a catch or hookup.