Oregon Winter Steelhead

The Spring season on the upper Rogue River is just beginning. March through April. Morels will soon be here!

Wild Rogue River winter steelhead. Larger than the summer steelhead. You can keep three per year during the winter season now. White snow covers Mt. McLoughlin now.

End of November 2018 on the Rogue River (fresh steelhead!)


The river flow was lower yesterday when I fished. Overnight December rain has brought it up a bit. Still looks good for fly fishing and wading. Yesterday flow was about 1300 CFS and cold and low.


December Fly of the Month

An Atlantic salmon fly pattern for Christmas Eve.

Santa’s Little Helper A Christmas theme Atlantic salmon fly pattern I came up with several years past. Though it’s never caught a salmon that I know of, I’m certainly sure it could. I just hope it fetches some Christmas Cheer. Santa’s Little Helper the December Fly of the Month.

Big Thunder and Lightening Storm on the Rogue River 8-08-2017

Sometimes you just can not let go. I had to catch that third summer steelhead. This day on the Rogue River of Oregon I wished I had called it quits early. Ignoring the brooding, building clouds, I got to experience first hand one intense and scary thunder with lightening storm.