Gold Brooch Fly Pins – Santa’s Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper is fashioned from a  Christmas theme Atlantic salmon fly pattern I came up with several years past. Though it’s never caught a salmon that I know of  I’m certainly sure it could. The gold brooch fly pin copy certainly will not hook a salmon. It surely will fetch some glances and admiring comments when displayed on hat or coat.

Santa's Little Helper displays warm Christmas colors.

Santa’s Little Helper displays warm Christmas colors.

I just hope it fetches some Christmas Cheer. Merry Christmas to all!


Gold Brooch Fly Pins – The Feather Merchant


A real classic. A Ted Trueblood designed steelhead fly pattern.

Classic Steelhead Fly Brooch

Classic Steelhead Fly Brooch

The Green Butt Skunk is a steelhead fly pattern with a great tradition. The fly harkens back to a day when swinging flies for steelhead in the soup of a river was the cast de jour. A classic beauty, this patterns sits well on a brooch pin hook. A look at the back side of the pin shows the method of attachment to a garment or hat. Guaranteed to catch the attention of more than a wet fish!IMG_6491