Rogue River: Searching for Early Summer Steelhead


Click above to watch on Facebook. Casting the Spey rod for early summer steelhead on the Rogue River of Oregon.


Final Day of Duck Season

Bring on the winter steelhead run on the Rogue River, Oregon! Had one steelhead on this day, but it came unglued. Would have been a double (bird and fish) McNabb.

Been up in the hills lately.

Hunting the wild Band Tailed pigeon season. The birds are fairly numerous. They are feeding on the blue elderberry of the open logged over areas. The weather is pretty cool up there at over 4500 feet. Down in the Rogue Valley temperatures are getting up to 90°F plus daily. I guess I’m not the only one hunting the pigeons. This (I think is a…?) sharp shinned hawk is looking pretty stealthy sitting on his perch in that grey tree. Be back to fly fishing Rogue River steelhead pretty soon.