High Cascade’s Black & Yellow Morels

Black and Yellow Morels

A good haul of the mountain black morels and a few yellow jumbo morels.

97°F on the Rogue Valley floor. Much cooler in the Cascades. Time to go morel hunting before they disappear for another year.


Waterfowl Hunting Along the Rogue River

A new pursuit. A new passion. After years of observing plentiful waterfowl along the Rogue River I became interested in hunting them. Three years ago I began carrying a light, single-shot shotgun along on fall steelhead flyfishing adventures along the river. The results were good. Despite the single-shot refusing to fire during sub-freezing weather, I got a few ducks. The next year I upgraded to a CZ Mallard o/u 12 gauge. The over & under shot straight and did not fail during freezing conditions. Again I put a few ducks in the freezer. This year I got my first pump, and even went so far as to devote some of my time on the river to just duck hunting. Lets just say that waterfowling can grow on one and become an addiction just as much as flyfishing for Rogue River steelhead.