Flies on the Rogue River – Steelhead Caddis


Bill McMillan’s Steelhead Caddis is a great fly pattern this time of year on the Rogue River of Oregon

Lower water, warm afternoons…if you want to hook a steelhead near the surface, this is a great fly to go to on the Rogue River this time of year. Tied on a size 6 Partridge Wilson hook.

Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider

Here is a steelhead pattern that I have had good results with lately. That was until an angry fish took the one and only in my fly box. So I have come up with two new entries for the fly box. I like the standard salmon/steelhead hook version, but I also thought an articulated pattern would be nice. So the Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider Spey fly was wrapped around a Waddington Shank.


Standard hook Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider.s



Green-Butt Silver Hilton Spider Spey. Already one fish to it’s credit!

Rogue River Search and Find


I should add a few words about this fish. I put a lot of effort into finding one. I began early morning swing a GB Silver Hilton Spider. With no takers during that quiet and calm time, I switch attachments to a Carpetbagger and Prince Nymph. I then ventured to a couple other locations. Eventually I ended up back at the first spot. I switched a GR Hare’s Ear for the Prince Nymph. The silence of the morning had progressed to the light and glare of the afternoon. I fished deeper into a run than I like to go. Better to risk the difficulties of a steep slip of  bank than go home without the rewards of a catch or hookup.

August Rogue Weather


Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs stacking up and readily available.


This spate of extremely hot weather is bothersome and yet welcomed. I makes time to catch up with some fly tying. My bins are now full!

August Morning Rogue River Steelhead


A diminutive Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymph working well. I like the pattern with a slight, yellow-brown tail. Today I was using  the pattern on the size 10 hook.

Swinging An “Ugly” Hilton For the Prize


Nymphing wasn’t working. Then I tied on this old Silver Hilton wet fly I found in the bottom of my fly box.


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