Swinging An “Ugly” Hilton For the Prize


Nymphing wasn’t working. Then I tied on this old Silver Hilton wet fly I found in the bottom of my fly box.


1820 CFS

March Comes in Like a Lion, Hopefully out Like a Spotted Trout

Upper Rogue River February Steelhead

Brown Forked Tail Prince Nymphs

A good attractor pattern in size 8 or 10.


This nice Rogue River winter steelhead took a size 8 Brown Fork Tail (Prince) Nymph under murky, high, February water conditions.


I’m all smiles on this sunny February day with a hatchery, Rogue River winter steelhead. A Brown Fork Tail Nymph fished in tandem with a Carpetbagger Nymph was the ticket to this hookup!