Start Off 2018 Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Rogue River

January 4, 2018 I found the trout are more active and biting well now. There was even a little hatch of small flies coming off the water. I found the hatchery stock summer steelhead are still in the Rogue River near Medford, Oregon. A Yellow Fork Tail Prince Nymph accounted for this retread summer steelhead. The Orange Bead Head Carpetbagger (Brownbagger) Nymph was also attracting a lot of attention in the very clear and low water of the day. First steelhead of 2018!


What’s On Bench – Rogue River Steelhead Flies

Steelhead Fly Patterns

Flies for the Rogue River – All the Carpetbagger patterns, G. R. Hare’s Ears, Prince, Yellow Fork Tail, Herniators Skunk, Silver Hiltons…

Tough Bite after the Flooding

The weekend rain put the Rogue River at a high flow for October. We waited a few days for the water level to drop. By Thursday the water was at an acceptable level and color for fly fishing. The bite was slow with even the trout reluctant to hit flies. The kind of day where any hookup is priceless and a reward.

Fly of the Month

What do you get when you cross a crawdad with a grasshopper?

What do you get when you cross a crawdad with a grasshopper?

The Crawd-hopper! This fly on it’s very first outing accounted for a very big redband trout. Designed as a grasshopper imitation this early success has cause me to rethink it’s attraction. Awash in the bubbling drift of a small tributary to the upper Klamath River the fly was savagely intercepted. After a nip and tuck fight my prize was landed. While cleaning and examining the fatty’s entrails, I counted no less than six fresh baby crawdads. Since this is not a Rogue River Report, a photo of the greedy predator can be found at my general SalmonSteelhead site: