First Morel Mushrooms of 2018 in the Rogue Valley

I found them today March 21st. The first day of Spring I believe. The report is featured in the Morels 2018 tab. Good hunting! By the way fly fished a few runs today. The river flow is still low.  No winter steelhead hooked. Just one nice Rogue River cutthroat trout who couldn’t resist a Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph. The March Brown hatch was on.

Morel Number One!

Happy to find this first morel after checking another spot, fly fishing two holes and no results. Then this!


High Cascade’s Black & Yellow Morels

Black and Yellow Morels

A good haul of the mountain black morels and a few yellow jumbo morels.

97°F on the Rogue Valley floor. Much cooler in the Cascades. Time to go morel hunting before they disappear for another year.

High Mountain Black Morels 5/17/2017

Another good foray! Tuesday found me trekking the step slopes of the southern Cascade mountains in search of the black morel mushroom of the Rogue Valley area. Wintery weather of cold rain and high winds persisted throughout the hunt.

Neil Rogue Guiden on 5/16/2017

Rogue Guiden with largest black morel find of the day.

Mid-May Cascade Trout and Morel Roundup

Cool weather and rain equals healthy trout and morels in the mountains

Cool weather and rain equals healthy trout and morels in the mountains

A week of cold and wet weather in the Cascades made for good hunting for mountain trout and morels. The early morning fog and mist proofed perfect conditions for some hot trout action with flies. One new tie, the Red Wire Worm, proved on it’s debut that it was worthy of the wily redside trout. Along with the Hot Bead Sowbug, the flies connected during a steady two hour bite. This time I increased my leader’s strength from 5X to 4X. I lost no feisty fish to breaking the tippet. I did lose several of the beefy acrobats to their wild and numerous jumps and leaps.
The morels keep coming. We looked over an area we had searched a week before and did even better this time. A lot to be said for mid-May adventure in the Cascade Mountains.

High Cascade Morels

They are there! The high mountain black morel fungi. We drove up a little earlier this year than in prior seasons. Just a hunch based on this Springs weather, and after evaluating last year’s mushroom foray records. The weekend just happened to coincide with the opening of trout season, but did not get to fish much as most of the morning was taken up with leg work on the damp mountain sides.

Rogue River Morel Update

Still looking good. Just a couple days ago checked a deep woods pocket and had quite a good

foray for the fresh morel mushrooms. The April temperatures have remained perfect for the little fungi. April rains have been light and very welcomed for the ground was getting a little dry. The outlook for the balance of the month looks very favorable.