Merry Christmas from the Rogue River


Ah, Waterfowl Season on the Rogue River!

Good winter waterfowl hunting came early this year on the Rogue River. A late Fall cold front followed by a good covering of snow to the Rogue Valley floor brought on the good conditions. Sustained cold has done little to alter the situation. There is open water and the ducks have found it. Sometimes you just have to break ice to get to them. Retired my old neoprene waders this year and said good bye to leaks. I’m looking and feeling “bomber” in the warm and tough Cabela’s Northern Flightâ„¢ One-Strap Hunting Waters. Except for an incident of wading deep in the sticky “muck”, I have nothing but good to say about them.

Cabela’s Northern Flight Waders

Classic Fly Pins For Christmas

I’ve been tying old classic fly patterns on decorative hook pins for Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites. The hat pin hooks are not easy to tie on. There is a lot that you have to work around. Number one is avoid the sharp point of the pin. Ouch!