Applegate River Near the End of Month

Been watching the high water all month. It may not fish this year. At least I wet a line!


3/12/17 Spey cast fishing the high water of the Applegate River.



January Reflecting

Considering all the snow, ice, rain and high water of early January this year it is good to reflect back on the warm days and hot fish of summer on the Rogue River, Oregon. Early morning wet wading. Oh what a treat. It will be a while until we can do this again. In the meantime keep an eye on the weather and river flow. Winter steelhead fishing is next on the Rogue agenda, and with the high water flows, fish could be trickling in sooner than expected.

A diminutive Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymph working well. I like the pattern with a slight, yellow-brown tail. Today I was using  the pattern on the size 10 hook.

Little River , Big Fish

Little chance to get over the hill to fish there this season with all the high water.  The chances are that it will shape up before the close at the end of the month. Here’s a fighting buck landed on the last day of the month a couple of years ago.

March Comes in Like a Lion, Hopefully out Like a Spotted Trout