Steelhead CDC Caddis Emerger

Here is a pattern for flyfishing the hot days of summer on the Rogue River. I tied the Steelhead Caddis Emerger as an alternative to Bill McMillian’s Steelhead Caddis. Often during the clear water of summer a surface fly will bring more strikes than a sub-surface offering. I first tested the Steelhead Caddis Emerger five to six years ago on a stretch of the Rogue near to a flat, grassy field that usually held grasshoppers. Just like the original McMillian Steelhead Caddis it produced strikes to a waking or skating presentation. I’ve since used the fly all over the upper Rogue River for summer steelhead and cutthroat trout. When a dark fly won’t move them this one often does. The fly has even attracted late summer salmon.

I usually tie the S.C.E on a #4 TMC 200 or equilvalent hook. The trailing shuck is of poly yarn or antron with the color to suit. You can be creative with the colors of this pattern. The wing construction is natural bucktail over CDC plumes. I like to pull the stem of the CDC out to the sides like legs. The tied down ends of the bucktail are not spun or flared like in the original Steelhead Caddis. They are simply covered with a dark dubbing to form the head of the fly.