Cold Day Rogue River Steelhead

A cold December day that caught me by surprise. No surprise to myself that I was going to catch steelhead. The first run that I fished was no good, and I left pretty quickly on account of the cold air. A little hike was necessary to get to the next spot. This run felt better as the noon sun was lighting the water. I worked down the hole and near the tail out was rewarded with a stop. The steelhead put up a good fight and I was happy to see that she had taken the very small fly I had tied on. Cold, clear water sometimes means small flies! I soon found that the chill of the day had numbed my finger tips as I struggled to remove the fly!

A wild hen steelhead that I released as quickly as I could.

After a quick break for a peanut butter lunch, I went back to casting. Wasn’t too long before another fish was on, and this time leaping his way down river. I landed the buck steelhead and found that this one had taken a larger Carpetbagger fly with the hot orange bead head. Fishing a couple other holes, I found the cold daylight waning, and I beat a hike back to the car. Multiple fish on! 

Hatchery male steelhead had taken a Brownbagger Stonefly Nymph

End of November 2018 on the Rogue River (fresh steelhead!)


The river flow was lower yesterday when I fished. Overnight December rain has brought it up a bit. Still looks good for fly fishing and wading. Yesterday flow was about 1300 CFS and cold and low.


Another Feisty Buck Steelhead on the Rogue 9-12-18


A walk in hike  lead to this early September hatchery steelhead in a narrow holding run along the bank of the Rogue River. My home-made Scandi/Skagit casting head made throwing a G.R.Hare’s Ear Nymph easy from a casting  area backed up by a high bank with trees and brush. The steelhead are where you find them. Never easy, but always a glorious challenge.

Rogue River Oregon Intruder Flies

Intruder August

Purple and Black Intruder pattern tied on a 55 mm Waddington Shank. Real Eyes, sparkle, marabou, ostrich, golden pheasant, Lady Amherst’s pheasant and Jungle Cock nails adorn this beauty.


Rogue River Summer Steelhead Hot Trio of Flies


The hot Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph patterns springing from the fly tying vise. Midnight Fire, Midnight Rainbow and Hot Orange Beadhead Copper/Gold/Black.

Dos Mojitos

Until all this forest fire smoke lifts and disappears, I’m not straying far from the house and filling my Rogue River fly bins.

Getting closer to September 1st and fly fishing only on the upper Rogue River. The hot Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs are being fashioned on the Renzetti fly tying vice.