Low Water Rogue River Steelhead

Plenty of exposed rock show in this video of the upper Rogue River. Note you don’t always need a fly rod to fish during the “flies only” period. In the video a feisty fish is landed with a spin rod, yellow bubble float, and weighted Agent Orange stonefly nymph.


Rogue River Mid-September Water Level

The turn down of the river. Water flow almost down to 900 CFS.

The turn down of the river. Water flow almost down to 900 CFS.

As of this morning the river flow is almost down to where it is going to go which I believe is going to be 900 CFS. I’ve got my bead head G.R. Hare’s Ear nymphs ready to go. A good choice for a low, slow, cold river.G.R. Hare's Ear (three)

And Then The Mid-September Drop Could be Fast

Mid-September Schedule

The Weekend Drop

We will see how they do it. On account of the warm weather the Army Corps was forced to alter the schedule and keep the flow high this past week. They usually don’t drop it to fast. A gradual drop is preferred by fish and fish managers. At any rate expect to see a lot of green, slimy river rock next week.

Early September Rogue River Flows A Little Higher Than Forecasted

Rogue Flow 1300 CFS

Water flows today were a little higher than expected. Still we were able to wade to some good water. Afternoon air temperatures will be near 100°F later in the week.

A nice hatchery fish on a double bead stonefly nymph.

A nice native fish on a double bead stonefly nymph.

Water flow at Dodge Bridge 9-09-2015, which is pretty much what it is down around Modoc and TouVelle.Dodge Bridge CFS Sept 9th

Result is the fun and challenge of fishing in high water continues for a while longer. Once you come to love the run of a steelhead in strong current, the other is not quite as good.

September Flies Only On The Upper Rogue

My first venture out for the month was today. I hooked four and landed three steelhead, all on my own ties. A double bead stonefly and a Brown Fork Tail Prince nymph was the tandem team. Getting your flies down and dredging the bottom is definitely the ticket right now in the 1800 CFS flow. One of the fish caught may have come up to the trailing Prince Nymph judging that I could feel the bite as the fly was swinging and rising at the end of a drift. I encountered no gill-punched retread fish this early September, just fresh chrome sides as the video below will show..