Green Winged Teal Flank

The male green winged teal, the vividly marked flank feathers are a must have for fly tyers.

The water flow on the Rogue River, Oregon, has remained high and generally unfishable for late January. The recent foggy and freezing mornings have made for great waterfowl hunting conditions around Medford. Broke ice early to find these two teal. The male teal is always highly prized for it’s table fare and the good fly tying flank feathers. The vividly marked flank feathers I pluck and save for collars and throats on fancy steelhead patterns. Still looking to capture my first blue winged teal. I hear they are around. One of these times.


Early January Rogue River Fishing

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Steelhead fishing on the Rogue River this mid-January after a lot of rain…you have to hit the far upper Rogue River to find clear and fishable water. With the good concentration of steelhead available all fishing methods are possible including fly and driftfishing. Good numbers of hatchery fish around, and it is also probable that you will hook up with a hot native Rogue River steelhead!