End of May Mountain Morels and Trout

As the end of the month approaches it is time to look back and to look ahead. Looking back it has been a fairly good month for high Cascade mountain black morels. Lucky we were searching early enough to catch the first couple good flushes. The lack of snow pack and rainfall in the mountains definitely limited the growth and abundance of the morels. Within the past week the yellow morels made their appearance. The yellows signify the arrival of the latter part of the season. In one particular location we didn’t find as many yellows as we did last year, but we did find them again. This says a lot about natural morel locations. Where you find them one year will most likely be a place where they can be found in subsequent years.

Generally conditions remain very good for the high lakes trout. Water temperatures and cloud cover have kept the rainbows on the bite. The only big difference this year is the lack of water in the larger impoundments. This may have concentrated the fish and made them easier to catch. However the lack of water has made the access to getting to the fish a bit more limited. With the air temperatures warming it remains to be seen how long the good bite will last.

Looking ahead I can only think of one thing…summer steelhead on the Rogue River. Coming in June!


High Cascades Trout and Morels

Now is the time! It is happening. The high mountain lakes are opened, and the fungi on the snow-free slopes are popping!