Easter Sunday Morel Hunt Along the Rogue 04/16/2017


Morels 2017 tab updated with more photos from the Easter Sunday morel foray. Quite a successful hunt, with the first of the nice wild asparagus found.

Mountain Morels have Started


Teri finds the first couple of mountain black morels. This is perhaps our earliest foray ever for the dark, elusive morels of the Cascades. We are rewarded as we find very fresh examples.

The black morels of the high Cascades have begun showing. Teri found the first pair along an old logging road. We had inspected the same location last weekend and found not a one. Needless to say all those we found today were very fresh. We spent a little time trout fishing and as we found a week early, the fish were not on the bite. The water seems to be just to cold.

Mid-May Cascade Trout and Morel Roundup

Cool weather and rain equals healthy trout and morels in the mountains

Cool weather and rain equals healthy trout and morels in the mountains

A week of cold and wet weather in the Cascades made for good hunting for mountain trout and morels. The early morning fog and mist proofed perfect conditions for some hot trout action with flies. One new tie, the Red Wire Worm, proved on it’s debut that it was worthy of the wily redside trout. Along with the Hot Bead Sowbug, the flies connected during a steady two hour bite. This time I increased my leader’s strength from 5X to 4X. I lost no feisty fish to breaking the tippet. I did lose several of the beefy acrobats to their wild and numerous jumps and leaps.
The morels keep coming. We looked over an area we had searched a week before and did even better this time. A lot to be said for mid-May adventure in the Cascade Mountains.